IDEA Brands

IDEA was founded in 2000 and has refined seamless garment manufacturing to respond to the needs of our customers. Innovative fashions, brilliant colors, the use of top material, equipment and manufacturing techniques, and fast response to our customer's needs are hallmarks that set us apart. Styling, fit, colors and the softness of our yarns provide quality, value and desirability for dancewear and yoga wear markets.

IDEA COLLECTIONS are Junior and Children's seamless microfiber “basics,” and are the staple of every customer’s wardrobe. These are the foundation pieces for your Junior and Children's customers with an active lifestyle. This collection include camisoles, tank tops, shirts, bra tops, shorts, leggings and complementary accessories such. These styles are available in a wide variety of colors, making it easy to mix and match with other garments. As with all of our seamless products, these are “one size fits all” garments. The stretch of the garments will compliment the fit and most importantly provide comfort.

Depending on the activity and the style, these fashions can be worn by themselves and are also ideal layering pieces. Your customers will love the softness, stretch and practicality of IDEA, often incorporating them into their daily clothing ensembles. They will also often find themselves collecting more and more colors over time, adding flair to their wardrobe. This line is available for a private label business.

Kurve Dancewear and Kurve Kids

The Kurve Dancewear line for Juniors and the Kurve Kids line for children are rapidly becoming established as an everyday clothing choice for many dancers. Consisting of both basics and seasonal fashions, these styles have been dancer-tested at numerous dance conventions over the last five years. Through incorporating customer feedback and innovative design, these lines have evolved to become well-recognized and highly desirable by dancers around the world.

Seamless microfiber garments are ideal for dance. We provide both basics and fashion styles that are soft, breathable, comfortable and “move” with the dancer. The basics can be worn by themselves and are also great for layering. Our seasonal fashions are decorated with unique rhinestone, sequin, embellishment and print designs. Our color selection includes some of the brightest colors imaginable and we also provide unique tie-dye patterns that are deep and lush (our tie-dye styles are hand-dyed at our factory in Los Angeles). The yarns have superior wicking ability to keep dancers cool. Our dancewear moves and stretches with the dancer, and the feedback we have received is that it “stays put,” and complements their “lines.”

Whether warming up through stretching, refinining technique, practicing or performing, we know dedicated dancers spend many hours wearing dancewear. IDEA’s commitment is to continue to provide highly functional, appropriately designed, superior quality dancewear that complements dancers and their artistic expression through dance.

Kurve Kids is also now evolving to include not only dancer basics and dance fashions, but also comfortable street wear, including seamless short sleeve and long sleeve shirts.

Kurve Shaper

Kurve Shaper is a small, exclusive, uniquely designed line that includes a variety of slimming shape wear. Many of the styles are intended to be worn under other garments, however we also have several styles, such as cami dresses, that can be worn by themselves. This line also includes contemporary accessories such as layering bands. As a retailer, our exclusive line of shape wear is an exciting line of products your customers will appreciate.

Kurve Sports

Kurve Sports is a new line that includes bra tops, shorts and other life style athletic high-performance wear for the higher-end exercise market. Made with technically innovative yarns such as Sorbtek ®, these garments provide superior wicking ability and support. We currently offer several new styles, and more styles will be introduced over the coming months. Designed with an eye for both fashion and function, we invite you to take a look at this new line as something exciting and new to offer your customers.

Kurve Headgear

Kurve Headgear is a new line that provides seamless, multi-functional head coverings. The Sorbtek ® material has excellent wicking properties, and is soft and comfortable. These items are available in a wide variety patterns, ranging from urban motifs, nature and recreational themes, sports themes, tie-dye, geometric and bold colors. Each season, new colors and prints will be introduced, and custom imagery and coloring is available as well. Instructions on how to configure the headgear in a variety of ways are provided with each garment. This is an exciting and new accessory, which is both trendy and practical, that your customers will love.

Kurve Lounge

Kurve Lounge offers the standard “little black dress” as well as a wide variety of sleek, sexy and modern dresses and skirts ideal for a night out on the town. Designed for today’s Junior, our exclusive styles are unique, innovative and elegant. With new styles becoming available nearly every week, your customers will be coming back again and again to see and purchase the latest styles. They are both sexy and comfortable, and are sure to be a hit with your customers.