1. What are seamless garments?

Seamless garments are manufactured using large circular knitting machines.  The specialized Santoni knitting machines use a variety of yarns to knit the fabric in a manner that is unique for each style. The resulting fabric is tubular in shape, with differences in size,weave, texture and patterns.

The characteristics of seamless garments are that there are no seams along the sides on the main body.  However seamless garments are not actually 100% seam-free. There are finishing seams on areas where sleeves and straps attach, the hemlines and the top of shoulder areas, the gusset areas of shorts and leggings, and to attach trims.

In comparison to traditional "cut and sew" garments, which often have seams running the full-length of the sides, seamless garments do not cause chafing or irritation by virtue of not having seams in these areas.

As a retailer, the benefits you can share with your customers are that they are very comfortable and provide a "smoother," "sleeker"appearance. These are a particularly nice benefits whether KURVE seamless garments are worn by themselves or as layering pieces. 


2. What do you mean by "One Size."

We design and manufacture clothing for customers who lead active lifestyles, and as such most of our styles are very stretchy. In fact, most KURVE styles are so stretchy that a single garment can fit multiple "traditional" sizes (i.e. Small / Medium, Medium / Large,etc.).  For example, one of our KURVE shirts could fit a Junior size Extra Small through Medium, comfortably stretching and conforming to your customer's body shape to fit three traditional size ranges.

One of the hallmarks that sets KURVE products apart from the competition is the use of high quality yarns that provide ample stretchiness, and the ability for our garments to return to the original shape after being worn.  The results are garments that can comfortably stretch and fit several sizes, conforming to the body.

A number of years ago, we introduced a line of seamless garments designed to fit children, using the same stretchy yarns. This line has been proven to be very popular, and the majority of our seamless garments can fit multiple size ranges for kids.

This year, we have received numerous requests from retailers to expand the KURVE line and add additional size options for Juniors. As a result we have started introducing a second, larger size for our Juniors Everyday Basics and our Sportswear styles.  For Juniors, the result is a more refined fit that will fit customers more comfortably. We will continue to add additional sizes for many of our styles during the coming year.

The KURVE fabrics will continue to be just as stretchy as before. However, as a retailer, the benefit is that you will be able to offer KURVE styles to customers who desire additional size options and will fit them more comfortably.


3. What is the difference between Junior, Kids and Plus sizes?

Through the use of proprietary, stretchy yarns, KURVE garments will stretch to fit a range of sizes.

KURVE Kids One Size styles fits Child-Small through Child Large.

KURVE Junior One Size styles will fit Junior Extra-Small through Junior Medium.  In many cases, this style may also fit a Child Large.

This year, we have started introducing a second, larger size for our Juniors Everyday Basics and our Sportswear styles.  In our catalog,these Styles will be identified as fitting Junior Medium through Junior Large.

Our Plus"One Size" will fit Adult-Large through Adult-XXL.


4. What is the difference between "Basics" and "Fashion" styles?

Our line of Basics include bra tops, shorts, leggings, camisoles, tank tops, and sleeved tops. Whether worn alone or as a complimentary layering piece, our basic styles are simple, timeless and classic, and we continue to manufacture them and make them available to retailers year after year.

These styles can be worn by themselves, and are particularly popular for activities such as meditation and yoga, as well as more vigorous activities.  Many customers also use these as layering pieces, whether mixing and matching to create new "looks," or to wear under shirts, blouses, sweaters, or even a loose tee or low-cut tank top. Our Basics are offered in a multitude of colors.

Fashion styles are more seasonal and trendy. Fashion or trend styles come and go, and then come back again. Our fashion designs are geared mainly towards the dance wear segment and are defined not only by current styling trends but also by embellishments (i.e. rhinestones, studs and sequins), color choices such as tie-dye, and prints. We also design and release club wear styles, such as dresses and skirts, on a frequent basis, to enable retailers to offer fresh,new styles to consumers.

Known as "Fast Fashion", Idea Collections often releases new styles at a quick pace, and often in smaller run quantities.  If the style sells fast, we will make more, however often these styles will be quickly retired in order to make way for additional new styles.


5. How frequently are new styles introduced?

Our basics are available year round on a continuing basis, and we will introduce new colors and retire a few colors each season. For many of our retailers, our quality everyday basics sell at a steady pace with a decent profit margin.

One or several new fashion styles, particularly our trendier cuts of tops, shorts and dresses, are introduced almost every week. This is known as "Fast Fashion" and is one of the most exciting aspects of the fashion industry.

For many of our retailers, being able to offer fresh, new styles, virtually every week, creates an exciting experience for fashion-conscious customers.  Retailers will often notice customers coming back into the store frequently to see what is new.

Be sure to check the"New Arrivals" section frequently for our most up to date new styles.


6. Are all products available in all colors?

Our line of Basics are available in a variety of standard colors on a year round basis.  In fact, several of our most popular KURVE Basics are available in over 100 colors! 

For our line of basics, we make available a standard set of colors for each style on an ongoing basis, year after year. However each season we will also introduce several new, seasonal colors for many of our basic styles, as well as retire others.  However, not all of our basics are available in all colors.  Our most popular styles will be offered in a wider variety of colors, while others are available in a smaller number of our more popular colors.

Our line of Fashion styles are each uniquely designed with a defined set of color options.  For example, we have introduced a set of several new styles available in Ash Pink, Ash Grey, etc. Likewise,other styles have been introduced with only black, white and perhaps two or three other colors as part of the overall design concept of the new style.  In other words, new, trendy styles are designed holistically with the color options being identified as part of the overall"concept" of the new style.


7. The color I want is sold out. When will it be restocked?  Also, how can I be notified when the color is available again?

We do our best to keep all of the color options in stock, but on occasion they will sell out very quickly, before the next replacement batch becomes available.

For our line of Basics, as well as many of our more popular fashion styles, most colors become available again in a week or two. If desired, you can select the"notify me" option in our online catalog in order to be notified once a sold-out color becomes available.

We do have some colors, particularly those introduced only for the season, which will be retired once sold out at the end of the season.

Likewise,our trendiest fashions may be scheduled to be retired once sold out, and colors will no longer be available as these sell out.

If you have a question regarding the availability of specific colors please contact us at info@ideacollections.com.


8. What kind of yarns / fabric are the garments made of?

Idea Collections utilizes the highest quality yarns based on the intended purpose of the garment.  For example, for garments intended for strenuous athletic activities, yarns that have a high degree of moisture wicking properties, as well as stretch, durability and color-retention qualities, will be used to manufacture the fabrics.

These yarns are knitted using large circular knitting machines to manufacture the fabrics.  The knitting machines are computer-controlled not only to make the garment, but also incorporate weaves and patterns specific for the style.  For example, a style intended for athletic use may be knitted using a weave that has capillary moisture-wicking capabilities.

For most of our styles, we also select and use high quality yarns that provide a degree of sun protection, making them ideal for outdoor use.

Our yarns are sourced from specialty fiber companies such as Unifi, Lenzing, and Invista in the production of its garments. The yarns are designed specifically for seamless garment fabrication and carry appropriate technical and quality certifications.


9. Why are some of the tie-dye styles wrinkled?

The short answer is because our tie-dye styles are "real" tie-dye, and the processes results in the garment being wrinkled after the bundling and dying processes.

Our tie-dye styles are not simply "printed" with tie-dye patterns, and are instead tie-dyed in a manner resulting in deep, rich, lush coloring. We have developed several proprietary methods for creating unique tie-dye patterns. 

These are not the traditional spiral "day-glo" tie die from the 1960's, and we have made inroads in updating new and unique looks.  Our "marble" tie-dye pattern has been found to be very popular with dancers, for example.  Our current line of  "Vintage Tie-Dye" has also been found to be very popular with yoga enthusiasts, as well proving to be great layering pieces for those who enjoy using them to create new "looks"for parties and clubbing.

The tie dye effect on our garments is achieved by tightly bundling the garment during the garment-dye process, which results in physical wrinkles. The fine wrinkles visible on the garment will stretch out flat when worn.


10. Why is some of the tie-dye dancewear wrinkled?

The tie dye effect on our garments is achieved by tightly bundling the garment during the garment-dye process. The fine wrinkles visible on the garment will stretch out flat when worn.


11. Is the fabric breathable?

The garments are designed and made using a combination of yarns and fabric weaves that result in great moisture wicking properties. Whether on a long hike, working out, performing aerials or practicing in a hot studio, the fabrics will wick away moisture and help you keep cool and dry. Be sure to stay hydrated!


12. Do the colors run or fade?

Unlike traditional garments, which are cut and sewn with fabric already dyed in a specific color, our garments are dyed after each individual garment is constructed. The merit of this process (garment dye) is that dye is bonded to the yarn that is pre-shrunk garment; therefore it will not shrink and also will last for a longer period of time.  However, some of the neon colors will bleed little due to the nature of the synthetic fiber not bonding 100%.  We recommend the neon color garments to be pre-hand washed before you wear. 


13. What are the little nits that can be seen inside striped garments?

Unlike traditional garments, which are cut and sewn with fabric already dyed in a specific color, KURVE garments are dyed after each individual garment is constructed.

The merit of dyeing the fabrics after they are constructed is that dye is chemically bonded to the yarn that is already a pre-shrunk garment.  Think of it as the dye molecules"locking together" with the yarn molecules, kind of like puzzle pieces. In turn, there is minimal running or fading of colors, over time, in comparison to traditional cut-and-sew garments.

In other words, the fabric of our seamless garments is not merely"stained" with dye like traditional cut-and-sew garments. Instead,the yarns and the dyes are technically designed to chemically bond together.

However,some of the neon and other various intensely bright colors will bleed a little due to the nature of the dye not bonding 100% to the fibers.  There can tend to be a little bit of residue due to the dying process to achieve super-bright coloring. We recommend the neon color and other brightly colored garments to be pre-hand washed before you wear them, and to wash them with other garments of similar colors.

Please note that the sun can cause fading of any garment, and it is recommended that retailers do not store or display garments in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.


14. What are the little nits that can be seen in side striped garments?

When you look inside the garment, you may notice little nits and knots where the colors change. Our seamless knitting machines change from one yarn to the next when the color changes and ties a micro-knot. These are the normal effects of seamless knitting when garments incorporate multiple colors.

The reason there are several types of yarns used for knitting striped garments and similar garments with color changes is because different yarns will chemically bond with different colors of dyes.  The result is the very clean, very deep color contrast that can be achieved with seamless garment manufacturing..


15. Where are the garments actually made? Are they made in the U.S.A?

The majority of our products are designed and manufactured in our factory in Los Angeles, CA.

While domestic manufacturing is inherently more costly in comparison to over seas manufacturing, there are many reasons for our company to continue to manufacture in the U.S

One of the reasons is our ability to closely manage quality of both our inputs and manufacturing processes. At our factory in Los Angeles, our teams monitor and manage quality of every aspect of design, development, sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing, finishing, packaging and customer service. This helps us assure that we will continuously deliver the best-designed, highest quality seamless fashions in the world to our retailers, and ultimately, to consumers.

Another reason, and perhaps this is the most important reason, is that we believe in the ethical treatment of our workers.  A tour Los Angeles factory, as well as at our showroom in the LA Fashion District,all of our workers are treated well, paid a fair wage, are well-trained, and are provided a safe working environment. We believe many of our customers feel this is important as well.

How do we compete in the fashion market?  We continue to closely manage quality, resulting in fewer returns and happier customers, as well as continue to be a leader in garment manufacturing innovation and pushing the fashion envelope with creative, relevant, new designs.

Also,we listen to retailer and consumer feedback, incorporating new ideas and suggestions as part of our continuous improvement and design processes.  As a result, this approach to business enables us to continue to design, manufacture and deliver innovative, high quality fashions in a manner that works well with our retailer network, appeals to our consumers, and is sustainable for the long term.


16. Are the bra and camisole straps adjustable?

Most of our items do not have adjustable straps; our straps hold their tension while providing a comfortable natural stretch.

Several of our Sports bra styles, however, have reinforced straps that provide more substantial support when participating in high-impact activities. The styles featuring reinforced shoulder straps are noted in the product descriptions.

Recently we began offering several new bra and camisole styles that feature adjustable straps, and can also be found in our catalog. These styles are similar to our most popular basics, and as we receive more feedback and monitor sales patterns, we may offer more styles featuring adjustable shoulder straps.


17. What kind of rhinestones do you use for decorated styles?

We use high quality Pellosa rhinestones for our decorated styles.  We have found these to provide very bright sparkle and luminosity.

Tocomply with CPSIA requirements, the rhinestones used for our Children's styles are lead-free. 


18. Do the rhinestones fall off?

Although it rarely happens, it is possible for a rhinestone to be snagged and be pulled off the garment. Retailers who receive new garments with missing rhinestones ,or stones that have become dislodged from the fabric, should contact us for replacement.

Due to their nature, rhinestones are not guaranteed to stay on after repeated wearing and washing. This does not mean that all of the rhinestones will suddenly fall off at once, but rather a few rhinestones may fall off after repeated wearing and washing.


19. How are the various studs, acrylic buttons, foil appliques and sequins applied to the fabric?

We offer many KURVE styles featuring colorful studs, acrylic buttons, foil appliques such as peace symbols, and sequins that are applied to garments using a factory-managed proprietary process. This process helps ensure the embellishments will adhere well to the specialty fabrics, and although not guaranteed, should not fall off during most of the life of the garment. 

Overtime and with repeated wearing and washing, embellishments may fall off.  Many of our customers work hard and play hard while wearing KURVE garments, whether through artistic performance such as dance, gymnastics, cheer or aerials, or while working out, jogging or a myriad of other vigorous activities, and over time, a sequin or two may naturally falloff.

Recently we have introduced sequins that do not have the traditional hole in the middle.  Please take a look at some dance, gymnastics and cheer styles which feature this type of colorful sequins.


20. What are the care instructions? What if I want to machine wash?

Our care instructions is to hand wash cold and lay flat to dry.  Garments treated with care, in a manner similar to lingerie, can potentially last for years.

Some customers report that due to their busy schedules, they machine wash, cold water on delicate cycle in a lingerie bag and have not had any problems with the garment. However, when laundered in a washing machine the garments are at greater risk of snags, pilling, rips or embellishments getting snagged or falling off.


21. Will the garments shrink?

The garments will not shrink when laundered in accordance to our care instructions.Garments should never be washed in hot or warm water or be put in the dryer.  Instead the garments should be hand washed in cold water and lay flat to dry.


22. Are the pads removable from the padded bras and tops?Do the pads increase the appearance of my bust size?  Can I wear padded styles without the inserts?

Yes,the pads can be easily removed to make it easier to launder both the garment and the pads. It is recommend that you wash the pads and garment separately.

The pads are relatively soft and thin in comparison to traditional "push up" bras. They are more intended to provide support, shape, and also modesty by providing a smooth surface on the front of the cups. Many customers,especially dancers and other artistic performers who wear these styles by themselves, prefer to wear KURVE padded styles in order to manage modesty,rather than wear sticky breast petals.

Each of our padded styles can be worn with or without the pads. The garments, when worn without the pads, will fit as a double-layered top. These garments in particular have been designed with double-layering on both front and back of the garment, so that the garment fit will correctly when worn without the pads.


23. Do you have a print catalog? What is the best way to plan a set of styles for my upcoming performance, team event or next season's inventory?

Print catalogs are available upon request to retailers. To request a copy please contact us at info@ideacollections.com.

Our print catalogs are an excellent resource for stylists, dance instructors and choreographers, team leaders and other professionals planning styles for various events and seasonal offerings. Styles such as our Basics, as well as our Dance and Sports"Standards," are comprehensively illustrated in our print catalogs.

Please be aware we introduce one or several new fashions almost every week, and some of the seasonal styles and colors are retired on an ongoing basis as well.  As such, our online catalog is the best source for our most current offerings. 

When planning and selecting styles from our print catalog, please verify availability via our online catalog as well, or contact us at info@ideacollections.com to confirm availability for the time frame for your planned seasonal delivery or events.


24. I am a consumer who found your website and am not looking to purchase wholesale. Where can I purchase retail?

Idea products are available at many retailers. Please see the list of retailers under the "Store Distributors" tab on our website. Our dancewear in particular is also available at many dance conventions. Please see the convention list under the "Events and News" tab on our website.

Our products are also available from authorized online retailers. These retailers offer our products both through online stores as well as via Amazon.com:

·        Kurveshop.com

·        2FitFashion.com

·        Bodkini.com

·        DancewearOz.Com.AU (Serving Australia and New Zealand)

25.  What is Kurveshop.Com?

Our retail website, Kurveshop.com, is intended to support our network of retailers to create brand awareness by showcasing all of our currently available products and to establish MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Pricing).  This website is also used to help spread brand awareness to consumers and industry professionals, including through marketing efforts via Facebook, Instagram, industry bloggers and news outlets.

We encourage consumers who visit Kurveshop.com to visit local retailers, or their online stores, based on geographic location, and particularly if they wish to view and try on the garments before purchasing.

Most retailers will set pricing and conduct sales based on local demand conditions that is often lower than MSRP pricing. Consumers often like to shop around, including through viewing online shopping websites, and will find that the Kurveshop MSRP prices tend to be higher than the pricing offered by local retailers.  We have found that this is an optimal way of helping consumers feel confident regarding pricing offered by retailers for KURVE products.