IDEA Collections Private Labeling Services Instructions

IDEA Collections Private Labeling Services Instructions

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Private Labeling Services

Private labeled garments are those with either your own, custom "sewn-in" label, or custom 'tag-free" labels which reflect your brand identity.  

IDEA Collections has been manufacturing seamless garments with private labeling for over fourteen years.  This is a great option for brand owners and retailers who wish to offer to customers well-designed, high quality, "Made in USA"  seamless styles.

We are committed to making Private Labeling easy and affordable for you

Over the last year the requests for private labeling services has been increasing. As a result, we are streamlining the private labeling process to make easy for you to order privately labeled seamless garments.

Private labeling involves choosing one or more of our current styles and colors, providing your brand and/or logo information, or sending us your own sew-in labels, and our delivery to you of the styles with either sewn-in or imprinted tag-free apparel labels with your logo and/or brand name.  Our garments are also available "label free" if you wish to sew in your own labels at your own location.

Upon receiving and confirming your order, we will manufacture brand new garments to fulfill your private labeling needs.  We do not "re-label" existing inventory.  The result is more cleanly sewn seams in comparison to standard re-labeling services offered by other companies.

Private Labeling Options:

1.  Sew-in option: Send us your custom sew-in labels, and we will sew them into the garments along with our standard care label.  

Tag-free option: Either send us your logo or Brand Name, and we will incorporate these when creating a new imprint plate. This plate will be used to imprint your garments.  We will retain your imprint plates for future orders.

Label-free option:  We will provide to you newly manufactured garments with no labels sewn in. For this option, a signed agreement will be required indicating you will not re-sell the garments without the labeling.  Please contact us at to request a copy of the agreement.

NOTE:  Sew-in labels will be required for fishnet, mesh and any other styles which do not have an adequate surface area for tag-free imprinting.

Custom Label Pricing Schedule

1.  Sew-in Option:

$0.25 USD per garment for sew-in labels that you provide to us. IDEA will sew in your labels w along with our standard care label underneath.

2.  Tag-Free Option:
$50.00 USD setup fee for each custom stamp plate used for "tag free" label imprinting, plus $0.25 USD per garment for imprinting services.  The tag-free label will include your logo, your business/brand name (or both), along with your RN Number (if applicable), and the standard care instructions, materials composition (i.e. fiber contents percentages), and country of origin (i.e. Made in USA) normally provided for the garment.

NOTE:  If you are private labeling only a few styles, you may choose to use the same custom stamp plate for all of your styles, or if you have your own style numbers, we can create a custom stamp plate for each style number.

There may be additional charges, depending on your exact private labeling needs, or if your logo needs to be converted to vector format for scaling down to size. The downloadable worksheets at the bottom of this page will help identify more accurately your private labeling costs. 

Label-Free Option: 
There are no additional labeling service fees.  Your newly manufactured garments will be delivered to you with no garment labeling.  However you will need to sign an agreement that these garments will not be re-sold without labeling.

Payment Terms and Delivery

Once your order is placed and confirmed, we require a 50% deposit of the order total, and the remaining 50% payment when ready to ship.

Our standard delivery methods and shipping costs will apply.

We will be manufacturing new garments to fulfill your private label order. Turnaround time is typically two weeks upon order acceptance for smaller quantity orders, and 3 weeks for larger orders and if there are other variables that may affect the order completion time.  Tie-Dye and Dip-Dye colors may require an additional week depending on the size of the order. 

We will provide a turnaround time estimate upon acceptance of your order, and keep you updated of any delays.

Procedure Details

1.  Introduce yourself. 

As a first step, please send us an email introducing yourself, and a message that you are interested in our private labeling services, so that we can begin anticipating your order. Also please include any preliminary questions you might have. Please send your email to

Set up an account on, review our standard terms and conditions, and browse our catalog.

If you have not already done so, please set up an account on  The information you provide, including billing information, shipping information, etc., will be used as part of processing your order.  

Setting up an account will also enable you to more easily review our standard terms and conditions, as well allow you to browse our catalog on and view pricing information.  

In addition to the terms and conditions identified in the procedures and worksheets for private labeling, your order will also be subject to our standard terms and conditions defined in the website.

Prepare worksheets.

Please download and use the following documents (Adobe Reader pdf format) to begin identifying the styles, color options and quantities of garments to be private labeled, as well as your tag information. Once complete, please save your worksheets with new names, as pdf documents documents using Adobe Reader. Please send the completed forms as Email attachments to NOTE: if you have problems with re-saving the documents using Adobe Reader, you may also print out the forms, complete them by hand, and either fax them or scan them and send them to us via Email.

a.  Please use the following worksheet for your order information, label information, and information regarding your first style to be private labeled:

IDEA Private Labeling Worksheet

b.  Please use the following supplemental worksheet to provide information regarding additional styles, if needed. Please create a new supplemental worksheet for each additional style.

IDEA Additional Styles Worksheet

4.  Order review by IDEA Collections.

Once we receive your worksheets and any other needed materials (such as an electronic version of your logo), we will confirm acceptance of your order and send back to you a quote confirmation via email usually within 1 to 3 business days (depending on the size of your order).  Also we will follow up with you regarding any needed additional details or clarifications as soon as possible. 

Quotation Review, Order Confirmation and Deposit.

After you have reviewed the quote confirmation we have provided to you, and you have accepted it and provided initial payment of your deposit, we will proceed to manufacture your order.  If we are creating a custom stamp plate for tag-free imprinting, we will also send you a draft example as a jpg Email attachment for your review and approval.

Manufacture, Remaining Payment, Shipment and Delivery.

We will inform you when your order is complete and is ready to ship.  After payment of the balance is processed we will ship your order and confirm your shipment.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

By phone: 310-400-3433 (Monday - Friday : 8 am - 5 pm PST)

By email:

Thank you for your business. We look forward to working with you!

Download Private Label PDF - IDEAPrivateLabelingWorksheet.pdf

Download Private Label PDF - IDEAAdditionalStylesWorksheet.pdf


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